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Transform your office or classroom into a truly collaborative space.

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Fanvil Audio & Video IoT(A&V-IoT) products, with intelligent and powerful product performance and convenient and comfortable user experience, meet the application needs of enterprise users in various scenarios.

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DASCOM Printers

DASCOM offers a large selection of rugged printers for small to large companies that are compatible with their current and growing IT infrastructure.

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At Cervello, we view life as a never-ending series of journeys. Each journey marks us with its own indelible stamp, coloring our memories and sculpting our individual identities. We believe every customer deserves the very best which is why we pay extra attention to providing you with the best products keeping you in line with the ever-changing technological environment.
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IP Phones

Our range of IP phones is designed to revolutionize your business communication by offering unmatched clarity, reliability, and flexibility. Whether you are a small business looking to enhance your operations or a large enterprise seeking to streamline communication across the board, Fanvil IP Phones have you covered.

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BenQ is a leading manufacturer of DLP projectors for Business, Education, Home Theater and Home Entertainment. A Taiwanese company, BenQ offers projectors from pocket LEDs up to high brightness projectors suitable for classrooms – K-12 and higher education, conference rooms, and auditoriums.

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Interactive Displays

From corporate boardrooms to hybrid classrooms, Samsung’s interactive touchscreen displays add interactivity and collaboration to any environment in a variety of industries.

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Digital Signage

You know those TV screens you see installed in more & more public areas like stores, restaurants, above gas pumps, food menu boards & lots of other places. Well, that’s called Digital Signage.

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We create solutions that solve customers challenges.

We Are The Leading Suppliers And Dealers Of Projectors, Printers, Digital Signage, Interactive Flat Panels, Wireless Presentation, Software, & other Accessories.

From the drawing board to the production line, we design and manufacture high-quality products destined to work together. We believe our role is to go beyond individual products and look at the big picture—creating complete solutions that solve the challenges customers like you face every day.

Sure, everyone loves the razzle-dazzle of our high-performing LED video walls, but let’s create an even stronger solution with Cervello content management behind-the-scenes. We know how much fun it is to unbox a brand-new projector. But use a Terra® SDVoE input card—or the same technology built into our newest projectors—and you’ll also enjoy uncompressed, zero-frame latency, artifact-free content over a direct 10G network. Explore our solutions.

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Preparing for your Success, We Provide Truly IT Solutions.

49" Video Wall Display - PL490

3.5 mm ultra-narrow bezel-to-bezel design
4K UHD clarity with 2 × 2 DVI daisy chain
Available OPS PC expansion slot

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DASCOM Flatbed Printer T5040

Speed of up to 400 characters per second, the T5040 processes various print media such as passports & savings books, cheques & receipts.

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MP-B20 series

Compact & Light Weight
Max printing speed: 80mm/sec
Simple Operation & Stylish Design
Charging battery by USB (No AC adapter required)
Cradle option

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CL4NX Plus

Designed to save time, reduce waste and fit seamlessly into existing workflows, the CL4NX Plus is ideal for a variety of barcode & RFID* applications across industries such as retail, manufacturing, automotive, food and healthcare. User can achieve significant efficiency gains with its enhanced print speed and high quality printing. It is built for demanding industrial printing applications as well as micro-label applications such as labelling printed circuit boards (PCB) of small electronic products.

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X3S/X3SP Enterprise IP Phone

Featuring a 2.4-inch color LCD and newly added function keys, Fanvil X3S/X3SP new version aims to provide a more productive operation method for business. Improved HD audio, more SIP lines and having supported EHS headset also make Fanvil X3S/X3SP an efficient business tool in office.

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i63 Video Door Phone

Based on SIP and ONVIF protocols, i63 is a video door phone that integrates powerful functionalities of access control, intercom, and security protection. Featuring an aluminum alloy design and 5 speed-dial buttons, i63 delivers a high-quality elegant appearance. With high protection level IP66 and IK07, it is waterproof, dustproof and anti-collision in most outdoor environments. i63 allows users to make audio/video calls via a speed-dial button and a 2 Mega-pixel camera and achieve access control by different modes. With rich input and output interfaces, i63 is easy to link with other security devices and customize into various solutions in apartments, commercial buildings, communities and industrial parks.

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